zaterdag 21 mei 2011

Man caught having sex with mother-in-law

A ZIMBABWEAN man was caught red-handed in bed with his mother-in-law, a development that forced her husband to commit suicide, police have confirmed.

Masvingo police in the eastern Zimbabwe said Collin Vunganayi (50) of Madzivanyika Village under Chief Ndanga in Zaka committed suicide by hanging on a tree after catching his wife red-hand with his son-in-law.

He reportedly caught them in a compromising position in the couple’s bedroom.

Vunganayi, according to sources close to the matter, killed himself despite efforts by a local village court to order the son-in-law to compensate him for the act.

Police said they were still investigating the incident that has stunned the local community.

"We received a report of a man who committed suicide in Zaka in as yet unclear circumstances and we are still investigating the matter to establish what actually transpired," said a police spokesman.

It is alleged that on the fateful day, Vunganayi, who had always heard rumours that his wife was having an affair with his son-in-law, decided to set a trap for the pair.

On the day in question he allegedly left his wife at home saying he was going for a beer drink in a neighbouring village.

It is alleged Vunganayi later on sent a message to his wife that he was no longer returning home that day.

However, late in the night on the same day Vunganayi allegedly arrived at his homestead.

He knocked at his bedroom hut and on entering found his wife being intimate with his son-in-law.

Vunganayi allegedly went and reported the matter to the village head who the following day ordered that he be compensated by his son-in-law.

A few days later, Vunganayi committed suicide and his body was found hanging from a tree near his homestead.

Police are still looking into the case.

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