zaterdag 21 mei 2011

Chinese Teen Forced Out Of School by Teacher for Body Odor

May 15th, in Shapingba Shangqiao, 15-year-old Liu Fuyang was suspended from school by his teacher due to his body odor. At home, he refuses to discuss the subject of school, his teachers, and his schoolmates when they are brought up.

Compelled by his teacher, Liu Fuyang wrote a note testifying to his unwillingness to attend school.

May 15th, in Shapingba Shangqiao [of Chongqing city], a father has tried ran all over the place trying everything he could so that his child can go to school. However, hurt, Liu Fuyang doesn’t want to go to school anymore at all.

In the letter Liu Fyuang is holding up, one part says “I have wronged many people, and if I continue to attend school, I will wrong even more people.”
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